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Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)

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  • Superior Quality Adidas Backpack: Crafted from tearproof nylon fabric for enhanced durability and longevity. Built to withstand daily use and harsh training environments.
  • Versatile Sizing: Available in Medium (50 x 31 x 20 cm, 31 l) and Large (57 x 33 x 23 cm, 43 l) sizes, perfect for fitting all your martial arts, Kickboxing, MMA, Krav Maga, taekwondo, or karate gear.
  • Exceptional Comfort: Features padded straps for high wearing comfort, making it the perfect equipment bag for long hours of wear.
  • Optimized Load Distribution: Equipped with a chest strap for optimal load distribution, this bag functions as an excellent rucksack that balances the weight effectively.
  • Classic Adidas Design: Stylish black Adidas bag that complements your athletic lifestyle, suitable as a schoolbag, gym bag, or karate duffle bag.

 Make a statement with the Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag, the ultimate sports backpack for those leading an active lifestyle. This Adidas bag offers a blend of functionality and style that sets it apart from other sports bags.
Designed from tearproof nylon fabric, the robust construction of this bag promises unmatched durability, making it an ideal companion for your martial arts, taekwondo, or karate training sessions. The bag's generous size, available in both medium and large options, can accommodate all your gear, making it a versatile choice as a martial arts equipment bag, taekwondo gear bag, or a karate kit bag.
Comfort is a priority with the Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag. The padded straps ensure high wearing comfort, making it the perfect choice for those long commutes or training sessions. The bag also features a chest strap, providing optimal load distribution and ensuring the weight is balanced evenly across your back. This makes it a reliable rucksack or knapsack for your everyday needs.
The bag's classic black design reflects the iconic Adidas Originals aesthetic. This makes it a practical choice for carrying your martial arts gear and a stylish accessory that complements your active lifestyle. Whether you're looking for a reliable sports backpack, a durable karate duffle bag, or a stylish schoolbag, this Adidas bag has you covered.
The Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag (adiACC090MA) perfectly blends practicality and style. Its spacious design, high-quality construction, and stylish aesthetics make it the perfect companion for your active lifestyle. Get on this versatile gear bag today and elevate your training routine!

Style Meets Sustainability

Embrace a sustainable lifestyle with our Adidas products, innovatively crafted from waste materials, transforming yesterday's discards into today's eco-friendly fashion.

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Experience superior comfort and durability with our Adidas products, meticulously designed from high-quality materials. Each item we offer provides exceptional performance and stands the test of time.

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Step into a world of exclusivity with our Adidas products. Our limited supply strategy ensures that each item you purchase is a unique symbol of your individual style, fostering an element of rarity and distinction in every release.

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Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
Adidas "Martial Arts" Gear Bag / Backpack - Sturdy, Spacious, & Functional Sport Black Backpack for Men and Women (adiACC090MA)
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Are all the products sold here authentic Adidas products, and can I shop here instead of at the Adidas outlet or the official Adidas store?

Absolutely! At our store, we only sell 100% authentic Adidas products. We source all our goods directly from Adidas, ensuring you receive genuine, top-quality gear every time you order from us. While we're not the official Adidas store or an outlet, our online store operates as a separate authorized retailer for Adidas products. This allows us to offer more competitive prices than you'll find in outlets, aiming to provide the best Adidas products at the best prices. So, you can shop confidently, knowing you're getting authentic Adidas merchandise at great prices.

Are your products suitable for both professional competitions and beginners?

We cater to kickboxing and boxing enthusiasts at all skill levels. For professional athletes, we stock a range of WAKO-approved products suitable for matches under WAKO IF supervision. For those just starting, we have a variety of Adidas gear that's perfect for beginners. Regardless of your experience level, we have Adidas boxing and kickboxing equipment that will suit your needs. Please check the product descriptions for specific details, or contact us for further guidance.

How long does shipping usually take, and how do you ensure the products arrive in good condition?

We strive to process and prepare orders for shipment the next business day after receiving an order. Delivery times depend on the selected shipping method and destination, but standard shipping within the continental United States usually takes 3-5 business days.
To ensure the products arrive in the best possible condition, we pack every item carefully using protective materials and sturdy packaging. All items are handled with utmost care throughout shipping. Our shipping service has an excellent track record for safe and secure delivery. You can rest assured knowing your order will arrive in good condition and on time.

What Adidas products for women do you have in your store?

We offer various Adidas products for women, including boxing and kickboxing gear, shoes, clothing, and accessories. Whether you're looking for women's boxing gloves, athletic clothing, or stylish Adidas Originals, we have you covered.

Are there any Adidas shorts for men available in your store?

We have various Adidas shorts for men, perfect for athletic activities and casual wear. These shorts are designed for comfort, featuring breathable material and stylish designs.

Can I find Adidas official clothing for men and women at your store?

Yes, we offer a wide range of Adidas official clothing for men and women. From tank tops and hoodies to athletic shorts and pants, we have a variety of styles and sizes to choose from.

What Adidas boxing shoes do you sell?

We stock a comprehensive range of Adidas boxing shoes. These include models from the classics to the latest releases, designed for excellent grip, speed, and stability. Whether you're a professional boxer or a boxing enthusiast, you can find a pair that suits your needs.

How can I determine my size for Adidas gear, including boxing gloves in 16 oz and 18 oz sizes?

You can find your perfect size using the Adidas size chart on each product page on our website. It provides a detailed breakdown of sizes for various Adidas products, including boxing gloves. If you're looking for boxing gloves in particular, we stock Adidas boxing gloves in multiple sizes, including 16 oz and 18 oz. If you require further assistance or need more guidance on choosing the proper size, please contact us at info@adidaskickboxing.com. Our team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect fit for your Adidas gear.

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Absolutely thrilled with my new Adidas kickboxing gloves! The quality is top-notch, the fit is perfect, and they've already become my favorite gear for my training sessions. The shipping was super fast too. I couldn't be happier!

Jessica Smith

First time ordering from Adidas Kickboxing online store and I must say, the experience was second to none. The range of products is impressive, the website is easy to navigate, and the customer service was very helpful when I had a question. Will definitely be back for more.

Mark Johnson

"I've always been a fan of Adidas and now I'm a fan of this store. The kickboxing gear is truly world-class. I've noticed a significant improvement in my performance since I started using their WAKO-approved gear. Keep up the great work!"

Sophia Taylor

Great products and fast shipping. I ordered a pair of Adidas kickboxing shoes and they're fantastic. My only gripe is that they didn't have my first color choice in stock. Other than that, everything went smoothly.

James Wilson

"I ordered a kickboxing headgear from here. The product itself is excellent and I'm happy with the purchase. The only issue was the delivery took a little longer than expected. But the quality of the gear made the wait worthwhile."

Daniel Brown

This store is a kickboxing enthusiast's dream! The selection and quality of products are unmatched. Plus, the personal touch in customer service made me feel valued. This is my new go-to shop for all things kickboxing.

Emma Davis